Tristan Thompson

tristan-thompsonTristan Thompson still hasn’t signed on with the Cavaliers, this coming off a season where he helped the Cavs to a finals berth and made a big name for himself as one of the best offensive rebounders in the league as well as a strong defender. Reports came out early in the moratorium period that a 5 year 80 million dollar contract was all but finished but as with any business, it ain’t over til the dotted line is signed. When that contract was on the table I was under the impression that they were overpaying for a career 10ppg and 8rpg player who will be, at best, their back up PF and sharing minutes with Anderson Varajao. So when reports came out that he was holding out for a 5 year 94 million dollar deal I was floored. Sure he’s good, he’s a valuable piece on a championship caliver team, but he’s not worth 19 million per year. Not when you have Kevin Love playing in front of him. How can you justify paying a player 19 million to play 20 minutes a game off the bench?

The newest twist in this story is Rich Paul, Thompson’s agent, coming out and saying if the Cavs don’t accept their deal and Thompson is than forced to play on the qualifying offer next year, Thompson won’t be playing for them after next season. This could have big consequences on Thompson for his potential future earnings. Taking a 14 million dollar loss now to be a big part of a championship caliber team for 5 years will do much more for his resume when his next deal comes up than being a bust on a big contract. Just ask Josh Smith how he’s enjoying playing for the minimum.

My advice for Thompson is to beg for that 80 million dollar deal back and sign that sucker and re-up for another big deal in 5 years.


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