USA Mens National Basketball Team

Well the mini-camp just finished up last night with the blue vs white scrimmage, if you can call it that even, and much has been discussed about big time stars participating in a seemingly meaningless event. After Paul George’s horrific injury last year in a similar event and with the news this year about Dante Exum tearing his ACL playing for the Australian National Team, the topic has been whether or not it’s a good risk for these mega stars to take. My answer is, yes… and no. Yes in the sense that I think NBA superstars should participate in FIBA and Olympic events and no in the sense that superstars in their later years should not. Let me explain.

There is no reason for Lebron James, who has played in 5 straight NBA finals, needs to suit up for the National team anymore. He’s been there, done that, and picked up two Olympic golds and one bronze. There is no reason for any star over the age of 25 to play; so here’s what I propose:

Make the team a 25 and under team with two spots open for exceptions. By exceptions I mean, two spots for veteran players who did not participate when they were 25 and younger but have turned into great NBA leaders and solid role players. Players like Tyson Chandler or Andre Miller (yes I know Tyson played earlier). And with 25 and under they can still make a formidable squad. Here’s what the team could look like:

PG – Kyrie Irving, John Wall

SG – Bradley Beal, Victor Oladipo

SF – Kawhi Leonard, Jabari Parker

PF – Anthony Davis, Karl Anthony-Towns

C – Demarcus Cousins, Andre Drummond

Sprinkle in a vet or two and I think you have a very solid team with a great chance to win gold. Let the older players focus completely and solely on winning that NBA championship.

Let me know what you guys think!


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